What to Know about Window Treatments

Your dream view is in sight!

With nearly 70 years of experience in providing interior decorating solutions, we have insight to share that will enable you to make informed decisions about the type of window treatments you need for each room.  Here are some important factors and questions to think about that will make your decision process easier:

Window treatments come in different degrees of opacity. Many window treatments are available in sheer, semi-opaque and opaque fabrics and materials. For example, blinds are easily adjustable, which allows you to control how much light, privacy and view you want.

Our Window Treatments

At Hamernick’s Interior Solutions, we believe that window treatments make a difference in how much you enjoy your home. Visit our Saint Paul showroom to explore our large variety of shades, shutters, and blinds, made from all different types of materials, at affordable prices. Our team, including installation professionals, are at your service to help you select and receive the best window treatments for your design and lifestyle needs. Don’t wait to upgrade your standard of living. Come visit us for a free consultation and price estimate for window treatments!

There are many different styles of windows, and it is important to know each one opens. Do your windows open up, out, in, or slide from side to side? It is necessary to be able to answer this question before you choose a gorgeous window treatment. Otherwise, its design, which you spent time and money on, may not be functional.

Also important to know is how often you open each window. For windows or sliding glass doors that you open frequently, you will most likely want a window treatment that stacks or that’s easy to lift for easy access.

Depending on the shape of your windows, your window treatments may need to be customized to fit them. This is especially true if you have any unusually shaped windows, like arched or Palladian windows, skylights, A-frames, bay windows or casement windows. Not to mention French doors or sliding glass doors, which will also require specialized window treatments.

Some types of window treatments, especially those with pull cords, can pose a safety hazard to small children or pets. You may consider choosing cordless window treatment options. For example, wands or safety tassels are available on different types of aluminum and vertical blinds.

Besides adding another element of beauty and charm to each room, window treatments can reduce your overall costs for heating and cooling your home. To understand how the summer heat and winter chill affects your home, first think about each room’s light exposure, and the directions your windows face. This is because:

  • North-facing windows get the most consistent light but also the coldest exposure. For these windows, consider buying energy efficient window treatments. Ask our experts for suggestions!
  • South-facing windows receive good light year-round. Light-diffusing treatments can help protect upholstered and wood furniture or hardwood flooring constant exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays. Consult our experts about such options!
  • East-facing windows admit bright, warm light, especially in the mornings. Contact our experts about window treatments that block ultraviolet rays.
  • West-facing windows admit the warmest light of the day. Light-diffusing window treatments are best in these areas, which our experts can recommend.

Did you know that windows that admit a lot of sun can make your air conditioner work two to three times harder? Meanwhile in colder seasons, the amount of heat lost through windows can make up 10-25 percent of your heating bill! Contact us at Hamernick’s Interior Solutions to hear more about our cost-effective window treatments and how they can positively transform your home and actually help lower your utility costs.