Laminate Flooring Care & Maintenance

Did you know that the makeup of laminate flooring varies based on the manufacturer? While some of the newer laminate flooring includes waterproof finishes, most do not so your care and maintenance routine must comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines. For example, Shaw laminate flooring includes wood, so it’s crucial to avoid using excessive moisture or a non-approved cleaning solution while caring for their laminate flooring.

Laminate Floor Care & Maintenance Routine

At Hamernick’s Interior Solutions, we recommend the following laminate floor care and maintenance routine for your new floors:

  • Daily care and maintenance of your laminate flooring include sweeping, dry mopping, or vacuuming with a hard surface flooring attachment.
  • Common household messes like spills and soil should wipe or sweep away clean.
  • Liquid spills should be blotted and dried as quickly as possible to avoid warping.

When it comes to difficult stains and messes like candle wax and chewing gum, or oil-based stains like lipstick and olive oil, consult with the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning tough stains and messes. Some of these tougher stains have simple solutions like using nail polish remover or freezing with ice before gently scraping away with a plastic scraper. For an occasional deeper clean for your laminate flooring, use a manufacturer-approved hard surface cleaner.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Place doormats at the entry to the room to capture any sand, grime, or dirt that could be tracked onto your flooring.
  • Heavy appliances can cause dents or marks on your flooring over time; protect your flooring by placing heavy appliances on mats.
  • Use wide dollies whenever you need to move furniture across the floor.
  • Add an area rug or two to protect your flooring and increase its longevity while adding warmth to the room!

Additional Laminate Resources

Below is a list of additional care and maintenance tips and a few stain removal resources to help keep your laminate flooring looking beautiful.

If you have questions about floor care and maintenance, we would be happy to answer them for you. Feel free to contact us today.


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