Enhance Your Home With Dark Flooring

Enhance Your Home With Dark Flooring

In recent years, many homeowners, builders, and designers have turned to light, airy hardwood flooring and wood-look laminate and vinyl to complete natural room scenes. However, dark hardwood floors and dark flooring have been trending and continue to grow in popularity! These dramatic, moody floors provide an unmistakable presence and our Hamernick’s showroom has all the options to transform your home with this design principle. From contrasting lighter paint colors to selecting which deep tone works best in a room, here are a few considerations to enhance your home with dark flooring:

Dark Color Palette

First, it should be mentioned that there are multiple shades within a cooler color palette to select from and you should bring home samples to see which dark flooring will work best in your rooms. In hardwood, ebony will often be the darkest species, followed by Jacobean, and blends that fall in the middle of those two. After that, dark walnut, antique brown, and coffee brown will be darker options that add warmth as well. However, you can also find midnight black flooring options that are almost opaque! These striking floors create exceptional impact for unforgettable room scenes.

Best Uses

In larger homes, larger rooms with high ceilings, and open floor plans, dark flooring will make the space feel warmer and more intimate. If your home receives a tremendous amount of natural light, dark floors won’t absorb ultraviolet light which will minimize the fading that light floors can experience. Although some wonder, if dark flooring will show more dirt, pet hair, and scratches, satin finishes, distressed textures, and hand-scraped surfaces, will help camouflage these imperfections. Although you will want to take steps to ensure the best installation results, darker flooring can also help hide errors such as gaps between planks.

Enhance Your Home With Dark Flooring

Appropriate Contrast

When it comes to balancing the striking look of dark floors, focus on the combination of floor and wall colors to provide the overall impression of a room. White and lighter cabinets, wall colors, and furnishings will provide the appropriate contrast for the space. Since there is generally more wall space than floor space, there’s no need to fear dark flooring overwhelming your layout: You can explore light paint colors, add overhead lighting, more lighting, minimal window treatments to let more light shine through, and even glass doors for indoor-outdoor entrances to brighten a space. Warm bronze metal and timber accents that are a few shades lighter than the flooring can also subtly help contrast your floors!

Design Appeal

Traditional décor themes are a match made in heaven with chic, sophisticated dark flooring, especially with contrast to other design elements. Dark wood will in fact complement many styles of décor naturally and match most cabinetry stains. Bold monochrome dark floors will anchor many contemporary or modern room scenes with ease since they provide a minimal, consistent foundation.
Enhance Your Home With Dark Flooring
When you’re ready to investigate how darker hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and other flooring options will look in your home, gather your favorite samples from our Hamernick’s showroom. Our design experts can help you find just the bold foundation that you envision!

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